David Pratt Photography

Longtang Alleyways

Eyes Down
Hat, Scarf and Hand Warmers
Shanghai Street Cleaner
Here Comes The Fuzz
Bike Culture
Blue Overalls
Use A Fire Extinguisher
Outside Number 152
The Red Jacket
Number 92
Eyes Open Optional
Stranger Danger
Hanging Up The Washing
Pulling Her Cart
The Mask
Wrapped Up
On His Way To Work
Hung Out To Dry
Cycling The Alleys
The Clothes Line
The Bag In The Basket
The Empty Basket
The Dog Walker
The Lure Of The Bright Lights
I Can't Bear To Look
The Blue Rider
The Trinket Store
Drying Day
Look Right, Go Left
The Yellow Bike
The Orange Bike
Pedal Power
Cardboard Collector
The Quilted Rider
Polka Dots
One Dangling Earphone
The Brown Basket
Big Boxes On A Bike
Arm In Arm
Hung Up
Strolling Away
Tan Moccasins
Passing Point
Wandering The Streets
The Spare Leg
What On Earth Is She Shooting?
Hands In His Pockets
The Masked Rider
Walking The Alleys
Plastic Gloves And A Toilet Brush
The Yellow Rider
The Seamstress