David Pratt Photography

White-tailed Eagle

Coming In For The Kill
Dropping Down From The Cliffs
Strike Pose
Caught One Handed
At Full Stretch
Grab and Go
Harbour Patrol
Taking Home The Bacon
Puny Human
The Hunter
Water Grab
Did You See Me Drop That Fish?
Attack Mode
Coming In Low
Snatch and Run
No Escape
Out Of The Blue
Power & Grace
Claws Out
Talons At The Ready
I Am Eagle
Flying Free
Whisked Away
On Top Of The Hill
Flying Into The Sunset
There May Be Trouble Ahead
Diving Down From The Clouds
Little and Large
Drifting Down For Dinner
Fresh From The Falls
That's Breakfast In The Bag
Turning Sharply
Eyes On The Prize
Fish Takeaway
Fishing On The Wing
White Tail Action
Eagle On A Rock
Eagle In A Tree
Locked On Target
Another Fish Bites The Dust
Heading Back To The Nest
White-tailed Eagle
Ruling The Skies
The Grab
One That Got Away
Target Acquired
Swooping In
Turning To Dive
Another One For The Pot
He's Going Vertical, So Am I
The Decisive Moment
Winged Warrior
Launch Control
Flying Barn Door
Fresh From The Sea
On The Prowl