David Pratt Photography

Durham Collection

The Farm Pantry
The Cook
The Blacksmith
Beamish Motor & Cycle Works
The Sweet Shop
The Dentist
Liddle Stack
Chemical Beach
Nose's Point
Last Light
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Waves and Wheels
Wheels In Motion
Standing In The Surf
The Rider and Her Reflection
The Lady In Red
Inside The Arena
Edenwell Ridden Concours De Elegance
Smiling In The Sun
A Day In The Sun
Shimmering In The Sunshine
Concours d'Elegance
Still Smiling
One Fine Day
Holding The Reins
Jannette and Vienna
Horse and Rider
In The Eye Of The Storm
Second Thoughts
The Point Of No Return
It's Too Late Now!
Yep Thats A Lot Of Water
Summerhill Force
Gibson's Cave
William Gibson's Rainbow
Wharnley Burn
Water Will Find A Way
Green Rock Cascade
High and Dry
Focus On The Falls
Rocks In The Burn
Flowing Through Ravenscrag Wood
Three Seconds Of Stillness
Caught In The Current
The Top Of The Falls
Intimate Falls
The Trickle
The Weeping Rock
The Slippery Slope
Rates Of Flow
Chaos and The Calm
Six Seconds
The Tree Over The Burn
Moss Overload
Snowdrops Signalling Spring
Shallow Plunge Pool
Over The Rocks
A Quiet Place
Spilling Down The Rocks
Tucked Into The Shade
Branch Debris
Cool Water
Three Drops
Only Happy When It Rains
The Big Green Rock
Lost In The Moment
After The Rain
The Burn
Fallen Leaves
Fast Flow
In Between The Cracks
The Bridge Over The Burn
Free Flow
The River Flows
Looking Upstream
Log Jam
Saturation Point