David Pratt Photography

Farne Islands Collection

Defending The Nest
Dinner For One
Where To Land
Tern On A Stick
Landing Dinner
Tern Attack
Sea Swallow
Don't Look At My Eggs
The Pod
Dive Dive Dive
Bottlenose Dolphins
Common Tern In Flight
Nesting Eider
Atlantic Grey
Friendly Face
Making A Splash
A Great Escape
Bridled Afloat
The Colony
Summertime Love
Am I The Only One With A Fish?
High Flyer
On The Wing
Allo, Allo, Allo, What Do We Have Here Then?
Must You Stand On Me Like That?
Wakey Wakey Dinner Time
What Do I Do With This Then?
Inner Farne Lighthouse
Longstone Lighthouse
Funny Looking Puffin
One Eye On The Tide
Oyster Catcher
Catcher In The Grass
No Time To Stand And Stare
Intrepid Explorer
A Brave New World
Big World Little Me
Beady Eye
What A Mouthful
Coming Home
Down In A Burrow
Ambush On Inner Farne
A Full Beak
Feeding The Family
Bringing Home The Big Fish
Just A Few Scraps
Out Into The Blue
Heading Out For Fish
Puffin On Patrol
Beak To Beak
King Of The Farnes
Catching Some Zzzs
Puffin Portrait
Atlantic Puffin
Going Solo
Boyz In The Hood
At Home In The Grass
Running Home With Dinner
Cute As A Button
The Farnes In A Frame
Rock Hopper
Alone On The Rock
Which Way Home?
What Are You Looking At?
Hide And Seek
Supper Time
The Grassy Knoll
Boyz In The Hood
Thousand Yard Stare
My Best Side
Catch Of The Day
Centre Of Attention
In Hot Pursuit
Trouble Brewing
Battle Cry
Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide
Daylight Robbery
Gliding Home
Fresh Fish
Bed Head
The Laughing Puffin
Puffin In Profile
Muddy Beak
A Flap Before A Flight
Stretching His Wings
Tears Of A Clown
Fish Supper
Look What I Caught
Brothers In Arms
Head and Shoulders
Mud On The Beak
Sitting Tight
Final Approach
Spotting His Landing
Gently Does It
No Fish Today
Tucked In
Brer Rabbit
Razorbill On A Rock
Ringed Plover
Sandwich Tern
One For The Pot
Not For Sharing
Beady Eye
Feed Me Please
Green Eye
The Joy Of Parenthood
Who Said That
Staring Into The Abyss
Drying Off In The Sun
In Amongst The Rocks
Bottle Green
Shag In The Air
Wild Wings