David Pratt Photography

Fujifilm GFX50R

Rain Clouds Forming
Blyth Beacon
Fishing For Mackerel
Flower Falls
Paradise In Green
Beauty At Your Feet
In Amongst The Undergrowth
A Feast Of Green
Waiting For The Log To Fall
Hindhope Linn Walking Trail
Lush Green Leaves
Waterfall Hollow
Under The Waterfall
A Waterfall Moment
Blyth In The Distance
Watching The Rocks Emerge
A Hint Of Sunset
Taken By The Tide
Rock Pool Heaven
Green Around The Groynes
Sun and Seaweed
Light Behind The Lighthouse
Apocalypse Now
Before The Storm
Light Up The Dark
The Remains Of The Day
Dead Calm
Dusk Falls
Sunset Burn
Pastel Tones
Staring Into The Setting Sun
Burning Bright
Red Dusk