David Pratt Photography

Northumberland Collection - 2018

Church Hill
Alnmouth Bay
The Beating Heart Of Bamburgh
Drawn By The Tide
The Pride Of Northumberland
The Call Of The Sea
Big Sky At Bamburgh
Knee Deep
Rising Damp
Tank Busters
Stag Rock Lighthouse and the Stars
Bamburgh By Night
Quarry Sundowner
Gatehouse Goal Posts
Sunset Over Embleton Burn
Dunstanburgh In The Distance
Washed Ashore
Dusk Unfurling
Dunstanburgh Moon Rising
The Perseids and The Stars
Perseid Meteor Shower [2018]
Perseids Shower Over The Gatehouse
Down The Plughole
Fontburn 'S'
Fontburn Reservoir
Haltwhistle Moon
Hart Burn
Hartburn Waterfall
Hidden Treasure
The Bathing Grotto
Werner On The Water
The Leap For Life
So Close and Yet So Very Far
A Long Way To Jump
A Fish Out Of Water
Hindhope Burn
Creeping Moss
Down In The Dell
Like An Arrow
The Enchanted Grotto
Hindhope Linn
A Tale of Two Waterfalls
Balance Beam
The Crooked Tree
The Climb
Capturing The Moment
Memories Of Winters Past
Deep Dark Ravine
Snow Falls
Sprinkled With Snow
Hindhope In Winter
An Enchanting Dell
Full Flow
Froth and Foam
Iced Log
Caught Changing Filters
Behind The Camera
Greens and Browns
Autumn Is On The Way
Hindhope Fall
100 Billion Stars Over Lindisfarne Castle
Wishing On A Star
Take Refuge Under The Stars
Down The Spout
Linhope Spout
Plunge Pool
In Blue
One Blue Bell
Spring Has Sprung
Bluebell Dream
Wild English Bluebells
The Bells
Red Campion
Delicate Blue
Rolled Back Tips
The Wall Of Water
Catkins On A Branch
Holding On
In At The Deep End
Delaval Hall
The Central Block
Spiral Stairwell
The Stairway
Two Seconds In The Surf
The Rush
Holding Fast
The Ocean Is Always In Motion
Stormy Sunset
Wade In The Water
The Thing That Wrecks You
The Sound Of Silence
Here Comes The Night
My Reason For Being
Catching The Light
Beacon Of Light
Sanctuary From The Storm
Dark Waters
One Heartbeat In The Darkness
The Light Of Hope
Pink In The Middle
Going Quietly Into The Night
Drinking In The Sunset
What Lies Beneath
Daylight Bleeding Toward Dusk
Sitting Under The Sunset Sky
Fading Into Darkness
Shades Of Sunset
Blue Gold
Down By The Causeway
Classic Mary
Soft Rippled Reflection
You Know Where To Find Me
Candy Island
One For The Road
When The Light Was Brighter
Light Over The Groynes
Dreaming My Dreams With You
Cut Off
Behind The Iron Railing
Touching The Void
Stretching Beyond The Horizon
Water Seeks Its Own Level
My Guiding Light
Dark As The Night
My Idea Of Heaven
A Splash Of Colour
Daylight Departing
St Mary and the Setting Sun
The Tide Rises and The Tide Falls
Pastel Dusk
Oh, Mary
The Painted Mirror
As Night Falls
Dusky Hues
Thirty Seconds Of Silence
Mary's Milk
Shining Bright
Be Still and Breathe
Blushing Pink
The Deep
Gone To Sea
Once More An Island
Brewing Up A Storm
Rivers Of Cloud
The End Of The Road
Little Lion
The Crocus Bed
Stone Owl
Daffodil Castle
Daffodil Hill
Castle On The Hill
Medieval Warkworth