Welcome to JJays Coloured Collection and Sport Horses

We are a small family stud based in Trimdon, County Durham [England].

What started out as a childhood hobby has grown into what we have now, and we thought that it would be nice to open our doors and share what we are doing with you all.

Our main interests are horses with colour, e.g. palominos, spots, piebald / skewbald etc.

As with any colour you only have a 50% chance of getting these colours unless you dive into the world of genetics and have and proven homozygous stallions or mares. i.e. cremellos, genetic fewspots or homozygous coloureds.

We have started to dabble a little and are thoroughly enjoying it.

In 2002 a chance viewing of an advert in a magazine advertising artificial insemination courses led us to enrol on a course ourselves. Having successfully completed the course and thoroughly enjoying the experience our foals started to arrive through the post!

From our own personal experiences we’ve found it better, both easier and less stressful, to use AI. So all of our large boys are now trained onto a dummy mare and can be collected from whenever required without a mare.

This year we have successfully collected, chilled and shipped semen to various parts of the UK.

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Thanks for stopping by to have a look. We hope that you enjoy yourself and that you’ll be back again soon.

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