David Pratt Photography

Xitang Water Town

Peace At Dawn
Water Town
Dawn Creeps In
The Empty Bridge
Dawn Beckons
Quiet Reflection
Dawn Haze
Tangerine Dream
Through The Window
The Writing On The Wall
Waking Up In Xitang
Xitang High Street
The Girl On The Bridge
Addicted To Her Mobile Phone
Watching A Gondola Float Past
The Crowd On The Bridge
Photographers On A Bridge
Heading Downstream
Tourists On A Bridge
Two Boats Under Two Bridges
Walking Her Wheels To Work
The Lone Gondola
Three Boats Under A Bridge
The Charm Of The Orient
I Want That One
Why Walk When You Can Ride
Ladies About Town
The Boy Behind The Mask
The Shiny Chanel Hat
Too Cool For School
Floating Down The River
The Boat and The Tree
18 Following 16
Four In A Row
Posing For Her Portrait
Watching The World Walk By
The Girl On The Boat
Walking With Her Eyes Down
In A Hurry
A Photo On Every Bridge
I Think We Need To Talk
In Traditional Attire