David Pratt Photography

Latest Images

Log Jam
Looking Upstream
Woolly Bart
Soaking Up The Sun
Standing In A Forest Of Daisies
Chasing Bugs
Catching Her Breath
Running Through Daisies
Saturation Point
The River Flows
Free Flow
Lying In Wait
The Secret Garden
Lush Greenery
Glowing Like A Beacon
Covered In Moss
Pulled By The Tide
Blackrocks Point
Harkess Rocks
Incoming Tide
Salt Water Wash
Fighting Against The Tide
Wave Watching
Bright Green Seaweed
Washed Out To Sea
The Bridge Over The Burn
Boots Full Of Water
In Between The Cracks
Fast Flow
Fallen Leaves
The Burn
The Big Green Rock
After The Rain
Three Drops
Lost In The Moment
Only Happy When It Rains
Cool Water
Juvenile Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk
On The Prowl
Grab and Go
Drying Off
Play Time
Hey There
Dust Bath
A Heavy Trunk
Queuing At The Waterhole
Safety In Numbers
A Slow Walk In The Sun
Trunk Hug
Leading The Way
Be Brave Little One
Tucked Into The Shade
A Quiet Place
Branch Debris
Spilling Down The Rocks
Over The Rocks
Shallow Plunge Pool
Almost Translucent
Spring Green
Cool Blue
Wild Silence
The Garlic Path
Ivy Taking Hold
Wild Woodland
Walking Through The Woodland
Bothal Woods
Wild Garlic
Ferns and Bluebells
Tiptoe Through The Bluebells
Blue Over Green
Spring Is Here
All About The Bells
Meadow Bluebells
Floating Over Cotton Candy
Incy Wincy Spider
No Flame Burns Forever