David Pratt Photography

Etosha National Park

Little and Large
Stepping Out Of The Tub
Elephants In The Setting Sun
Bath Time
Two's Company, Three's A Crowd
An Elephant In The Grass
Top Trunk
Boys Will Be Boys
A Day At The Spa
White-backed Vulture
Drinking Watching Cape Teal
I've Been Spotted
Jackals In The Shade
Three Drink and One Watches
Searching For Prey
Juvenile Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk
Chewing Tree Tops
Elephants Of All Sizes
Be Brave Little One
Leading The Way
Trunk Hug
A Slow Walk In The Sun
Safety In Numbers
Queuing At The Waterhole
A Heavy Trunk
Dust Bath
Hey There
Play Time
Drying Off
Impala and Elephant
Pied Crow
Stretching In The Sun
King and Queen
Tagged and Tracked For His Own Safety
The Face Of A Black-faced Impala
Reaching For The Greens
Down The Hatch
A Strolling Zebra
Wait For Me!
The Gathering
Spot The Odd One Out
Keeping Cool In The Shade
Stripes In The Shade
Common Ostrich
Male Northern Black Korhaan
Blacksmith Lapwing
Blue Wildebeest At Rest
Blue Crane In The Grass
A Lilac Breast With An Olive Crown
Lilac-breasted Roller
Long Legs
Head and Horns
Face To Face
A Spring In His Step
Stretching To Drink
Thirst Quencher
Zebra With Guineafowl
Drinking Impala
Ears Firmly Forward
Rising Fast
Drinking Together
Southern Giraffe
The Long Way Down
Grey Lourie In A Bush
Red Unfeathered Head
Black-faced Impala
Pretty Little Thing
Namibia's Smallest Antelope
Singing For Her Supper
Foraging Wildebeest
Mouth Full Of Grass
One Very Muddy Nose
I'm Leaving If You're Going To Pee Again
Standing Proud
Kori Bustard
In The Dry Grass
Zebra On The Plains
I Hear You
Stood Listening
Ostrich Standoff
Big Bird
Pale Chanting Goshawk On A Thorny Bush
Giraffe On The Salt Pan
Lone Giraffe
Surveying The Scene
Oryx Out For A Stroll
Springbok At Rest
Four Amigos
And Then There Were Two
Listening At The Water Hole
Wetting Her Whistle
You Youngsters Go Ahead
I'm Going Nowhere
Battling Bucks
Water For Three
I Can Stand Here All Day
Was It Something We Said?
Out For A Stroll
Wandering Impala
Head and Neck
Black-backed Jackal
Watching From The Shade
Eagle's Nest
Springbok Portrait
Eyeing Up The Foliage
Okaukuejo Night
Female Northern Black Korhaan
Okaukuejo and the Milky Way
50 Shades Of Grey
African Grey Hornbill
Lazy Grazing
Lumbering Along
Cooling Off With Some Mud
Blowing Up A Storm
Sticking His Neck Out
Free To Roam
Wild African Elephant
Plains Zebra
Feeding Time
Pushing and Shoving