David Pratt Photography

Tianzi Mountain

From The Top Of Tianzi Mountain
Rising Up Through The Mist
Tianzishan Cableway
Tianzi Mountain
The Ascent
Welcome To The Jungle
Sandstone Towers In The Mist
Towers and Trees
The Slow Race To The Top
Quartz-sandstone Pillars
Sandstone Peak Forest
Physical Erosion
Sandstone Peaks
Sandstone Pinnacles
It's A Jungle Out There
Covered In Trees
Constantly Crumbling
Sandstone Towers
Waiting For The Hammer To Fall
Valley Of Pillars
The Sandstone Jungle
Tower Tops
The Struggle At The Top
The Outpost
The Sandstone Pepper Mill
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
Five Pillars
The Dragon's Lair
Weathered Pillars
Nature Finds A Way
Pillars Alive With Foliage
Disappearing Into The Mist
Towers Of Stone
Pillar After Pillar
The Castle Keep
Through The Mist
Lost In Zhangjiajie
Sandstone Fingers
Weathering Slowly
The Fortress
The Buttress
We Need To Talk About James
Looking Out Over Zhangjiajie
Peering Through The Mist
Trees On Towers
Trees Growing Out Of Rocks
Fading Like A Flower
Where Time Stood Still
Lost In The Mists Of Time
Imperial Writing Brush Peaks
The Imperial Writing Brush Set
Sandstone Brush Strokes
The Brush Tips
The Writing Brushes
The Warrior That Stands Alone
The Warrior
Towers Amongst Trees
Pillars In The Mist
Walls Of Towers
Pointing Up
The Lone Warrior
The Warrior Training Horses
The Warrior's World