David Pratt Photography

St Kilda

Go To St Kilda
Leaving Skye Behind
The Beautiful Briny Sea
North Atlantic Ocean Sunset
Land Ahoy!
Sunset At Sea
Na Sgarain
Hungry Chicks
Watching The Boats In The Bay
Ruaival Viewpoint
Bioda Mor
The Dragon's Tail
Lover's Stone
Hiding In The Grass
Pretending To Be A Rock
Great Skua Chick In The Grass
Attack Mode
Red-necked Phalarope On Water
Red-necked Phalarope
Rare Red-neck
First Glimpse Of The Tunnel
The Gang
Up On A Ledge
The Cave
Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Boreray Through The Tunnel
Heading Back To The Light
The Tunnel
Glen Bay
The Secret Passage
Atlantic Dusk
Looking Back Across The Cambir
Soay Sunset
Soay From The Cambir
Colours Of The Sun
Theatre Of Dreams
Stac Biorach and Stac Shoaigh
Sunset In Slow Motion
One Night In The Wild
Boreray Dawn
Staring Into The Sun
Sun Beam
An Campar
Sunshine On Soay
A New Dawn
A Splash Of Light On Stac Lee
Great Skua
Great Skua In Flight
Dive Bomber
Fly-by Mullach Bi
Three Amigos
The Tip Of Dun
The Store Through The Gap Between Hirta and Dun
Beneath Lover's Stone
Mullach Bi
Soay Through Stac Shoaigh
Glen Bay To Boreray
Between Mina Stac and Leac Mhina Stac
Leaving Mina Stac and Leac Mhina Stac
On The Way To Boreray
Dun, Hirta and Soay
Gearrgeodha, Boreray
An t-Sail
Stac an Armin
St Kilda Field Mouse
Life On The Ground [1]
Little Nibbler
Life On The Ground [2]
How Do I Get Up There Then?
Double Trouble
Midnight Snacking
Settling Down For The Night
Summertime Snooze
Soaking Up The Sun
Number 49 In Light Drizzle
No, This Isn't The Haircut I Asked For
Check Out My Whiskers
Timid Wee Beastie
It Takes Years Of Practice To Look This Good
We Are Not Amused
Are You Sure This Isn't How They Wear It In Paris?
Wheatear In Song
Why Are You On My Island?
Rock Hopping
Juvenile Wheatear
Meadow Pipit With A Meal
Songbird At Rest
Up On A Cleit
Oystercatcher Over Hirta
Point of Coll
Did You Just Take My Picture?
Dun, from Ruaival
On The Edge Of The World
Sgeir Mhor
Looking Down The Dragon's Tail
Rubha Mhuirich
Dun to Levenish
Where Time Stands Still
The Village
Main Street
Blowing Away The Cobwebs
Village Bay
Shifting Sands
Last Light On Dun
Loch Hirta
The Beach
Waiting For The Light
Lurking In The Shadows
Under The Veil Of Night
The Dark Clouds Of Rain
Blink And You'll Miss It
Hope In The Dark
The Gap
Lighting Up The Dark
Rain Stopped Play
The Voice of War
Back To School
Teacher's Corner
Inside The Church
St Kilda Archipelago: World Heritage Site
Sheltering From The Rain
Down In The Moss
Wild Grass
Back At The Gap (15 Hours Later)
Kamikaze Sheep
On The Slopes Of Conachair
Fulmar Frenzy
The Birds
Spotlight On Oiseval
Aird Uachdarachd
As Free As A Bird
Free Fallin'
Greener Grass
Chasing Rainbows
Riding The Wind
The End Of The Rainbow
Wild and Free
The Long Walk Home
Oiseval and The Gap
A Dash Of Pink
Conachair To Soay
Sunlight On The Sheep Pen
Flying Towards The Light
Ruaival To Dun
Early Morning Light Bathing Dun
An Lag Bho'n Tuath
Wren On A Mossy Rock
Fresh Spider For Lunch
St Kilda Wren