David Pratt Photography

24-25 May 2018

Hi Honey, I'm Home!
Stop Thief!
Caught Red Handed
The Egg That Didn't Make It
He's Behind You
Right In The Ribs!
Junior Gannet
One Serious Gannet
Ol' Blue Eyes
Gannet Profile
Kittiwake Over Gannet
Landing Fast
Fast Flyer
Puffin Over Sleeping Gannets
Staple Newk
Territorial Dispute
Full Stretch
Anyone For A Tug Of War?
It's All Kicking Off!
Nest Building
Get Off My Feet!
Ready To Rumble
Bonding By Beak
Is It Safe To Land?
Gathering Grass
The Face Of Determination
Returning Home Bloodied and Bruised
On A Mission
Brakes On Full
Grey Seal Under Bempton Cliffs
Heading Home
Nearly Home
Wings Back
Timing Is Everything
Fulmar Flight
Twilight Hunter
Hunting High and Low
Night Stalker
Talons Out In The Dark
Sunset From Bartlett Nab
Gannet Over A Sea Of Gold
Kissed By The Sun
Catching The Setting Sun
Cute Couple
Heading Back To The Cliff Face
Gone Fishin'
Cruising Under The Fog
Gone With The Wind
The Golden Gannet
Flying Solo
Flying Higher Than The Sun
To The Sea
Headlong Into The Rain
Flying In The Rain
One Wet Crow
Floating At The Cliff Edge