David Pratt Photography

China Collection

Lean Into It
The Pearl Of The Orient
The Moon and The Pearl
The Heart Of Shanghai
The Mirror Of Night
Shining In The Darkness
Warming Up The Bund
The Towers Of Shanghai
Towers Of Gold
Dawn Over The Huangpu River
Rise and Shine
Huangpu Dawn
Shanghai Dawning
The Chairman
Shanghai High-Rise
Shanghai Sunburst
Triple Towers
Tall, Taller and Tallest
The Three Towers
Downtown Shanghai
Lost In Shanghai
The Centre Of Attention
Reaching For The Pearl
Searching For The Sun
Sunset Behind The Westin Bund Centre
The Westin Bund Centre
Tangerine Fade
Outdoor Escalator
Squat Down For The Shot
Phone Focus
Organised Chaos
Waiting For The Lights To Change
The Future Is Now
The Mingzhu Roundabout
Rush Hour
The Bund
The Crown Of The Bund
Shanghai's Golden Waterfront
Shanghai Nights
SOHO China
Welcome To Shanghai
Looking Down Huangpu River
Eyes Down
Hat, Scarf and Hand Warmers
Shanghai Street Cleaner
Here Comes The Fuzz
Bike Culture
Blue Overalls
Use A Fire Extinguisher
Outside Number 152
The Red Jacket
Number 92
Eyes Open Optional
Stranger Danger
Hanging Up The Washing
Pulling Her Cart
The Mask
Wrapped Up
On His Way To Work
Hung Out To Dry
Cycling The Alleys
The Clothes Line
The Bag In The Basket
The Empty Basket
The Dog Walker
The Lure Of The Bright Lights
I Can't Bear To Look
The Blue Rider
The Trinket Store
Drying Day
Look Right, Go Left
The Yellow Bike
The Orange Bike
Pedal Power
Cardboard Collector
The Quilted Rider
Polka Dots
One Dangling Earphone
The Brown Basket
Big Boxes On A Bike
Arm In Arm
Hung Up
Strolling Away
Tan Moccasins
Passing Point
Wandering The Streets
The Spare Leg
What On Earth Is She Shooting?
Hands In His Pockets
The Masked Rider
Walking The Alleys
Plastic Gloves And A Toilet Brush
The Yellow Rider
The Seamstress
Stars and Lanterns
Cormorants In Wait
Rainne and Joyce
Ladies Of Leisure
Food On Sticks
Let's Drink
Walking Past The Shops
A Jumble Of Boats
Photo Shoot
Learning To Drive
Getting To Drive A Gondola
The Boat Ride
A Town Of Bridges
Getting Ready For The Show
The Cormorant Gang
Working The Oars
Manoeuvring Into Position
Cormorant Fishing
In The Spotlight
The Bird Man Of Tongli
Keeping An Eye On His Cormorants
Spreading His Wings
Through The Arch
Waterway Life
Somber Reflection
Cormorant Fisherman
Floating Away
Seven Cormorants
After The Show Is Over
River Boat Man
Working The River
Happy In His Work
Both Eyes On The Bird
A Man And His Cormorant
Cormorant Wrangling
The Red Cloak
The Day Begins Quietly
Early Morning Walker
Sunrise Window
Getting Ready For Business
The Canal
Still Waters Run Deep
One Handed With His Eyes Shut
Life Without A Washing Machine
Just Out For A Stroll
Light On The Leaves
Texting On The Bridge
Walking Through The Colonnade
Poking The Fire
Preparing The Boats For Action
Gondolas Of Zhouzhuang
The Bridge Of Arches
Boats In The Bay
The Boat Landing
Canals and Bridges
A Quiet Canal
Riding The Canals
The Doorway
Parked Up
Moored For The Night
Peace At Dawn
Water Town
Dawn Creeps In
The Empty Bridge
Dawn Beckons
Quiet Reflection
Dawn Haze
Tangerine Dream
Through The Window
The Writing On The Wall
Waking Up In Xitang
Xitang High Street
The Girl On The Bridge
Addicted To Her Mobile Phone
Watching A Gondola Float Past
The Crowd On The Bridge
Photographers On A Bridge
Heading Downstream
Tourists On A Bridge
Two Boats Under Two Bridges
Walking Her Wheels To Work
The Lone Gondola
Three Boats Under A Bridge
The Charm Of The Orient
I Want That One
Why Walk When You Can Ride
Ladies About Town
The Boy Behind The Mask
The Shiny Chanel Hat
Too Cool For School
Floating Down The River
The Boat and The Tree
18 Following 16
Four In A Row
Posing For Her Portrait
Watching The World Walk By
The Girl On The Boat
Walking With Her Eyes Down
In A Hurry
A Photo On Every Bridge
I Think We Need To Talk
In Traditional Attire
From The Top Of Tianzi Mountain
Rising Up Through The Mist
Tianzishan Cableway
Tianzi Mountain
The Ascent
Welcome To The Jungle
Sandstone Towers In The Mist
Towers and Trees
The Slow Race To The Top
Quartz-sandstone Pillars
Sandstone Peak Forest
Physical Erosion
Sandstone Peaks
Sandstone Pinnacles
It's A Jungle Out There
Covered In Trees
Constantly Crumbling
Sandstone Towers
Waiting For The Hammer To Fall
Valley Of Pillars
The Sandstone Jungle
Tower Tops
The Struggle At The Top
The Outpost
The Sandstone Pepper Mill
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
Five Pillars
The Dragon's Lair
Weathered Pillars
Nature Finds A Way
Pillars Alive With Foliage
Disappearing Into The Mist
Towers Of Stone
Pillar After Pillar
The Castle Keep
Through The Mist
Lost In Zhangjiajie
Sandstone Fingers
Weathering Slowly
The Fortress
The Buttress
We Need To Talk About James
Looking Out Over Zhangjiajie
Peering Through The Mist
Trees On Towers
Trees Growing Out Of Rocks
Fading Like A Flower
Where Time Stood Still
Lost In The Mists Of Time
Imperial Writing Brush Peaks
The Imperial Writing Brush Set
Sandstone Brush Strokes
The Brush Tips
The Writing Brushes
The Warrior That Stands Alone
The Warrior
Towers Amongst Trees
Pillars In The Mist
Walls Of Towers
Pointing Up
The Lone Warrior
The Warrior Training Horses
The Warrior's World
Towers Without End
The Crucible
Sprouting Towers
Tree Towers
Pillars and Peaks
The Sandstone Keyhole
Misty Peaks
Smothered By Trees
Tower Top
The Obelisk
The Ledge
A Tower Between The Trees
The Eye Of The Needle
Hallelujah Mountain
Southern Sky Column
Southern Pillar Of Heaven
Avatar Hallelujah Mountain
The Floating Mountain
Support Of The Sky
The Stone Pillar
The Undiscovered Country
Reaching For The Sky
Stone Pillar Supporting Heaven
The Sandstone Forest
Towering Oasis
The Tower At The Bottom Of The Wall
The Ravine
The First Bridge Under The Sun
The Path To The Bridge
The First Bridge All Over The World
Red Ribbons Along The Bridge
Mulling Things Over
Pensive Macaque
A Posse Of Tour Guides
The Valley Of Mist
I Didn't Touch Your Biscuits
Full Cheek Pouches
How Do They Expect Me To Eat This Without Butter?
Corn On The Cob
Surprise In Her Eyes
Who Is Observing Whom?
Studying The Visitors
Cautiously Does It
Sitting In A Tree
It Just Fell Off In My Hand
I Have This Weird Feeling In My Mouth
Playing With A Branch
A Mother's Arms
Feeding Time
Distant Daydream
Learning The Ropes
Hopes and Dreams
Blue Steel
Welcome To Zhangjiajie
Mind The Gap
Lean Back and Look Up
Rising From The Valley Floor
From The Forest Floor
Four Peaks
Gold Whip Stream
Golden Whip Brook
A Quiet Winding Stream
Rising Above The Rapids
Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide
Deep In The Sandstone Jungle
The Wall Of Peaks
Macaque On A Bench
Show Me Your Teeth
The Sideways Glance
The Innocence Of Youth
The Climber