David Pratt Photography

Northumberland Collection - 2016

Stuck In The Mud
Twilight On The Aln Estuary
The King's Domain
King Of The Beach
Seaweed And Swell
Northern Gold
The Inlet
Bamburgh And The Farnes
Inner Farne
Dusky Pink
My Home Is My Castle
Watching The Light Fade
Sunny Side Up
Evening Glow
Winter Sun
Sea Swirl
Silent Sunset
Dark Battlements
Burn Bamburgh Burn
Band Of Blue
Sea Of Grass
Blyth Butterfly
Peaceful Pipeline
Into The Blue
Waste Pipe
Blyth Sunset
Cawfields Quarry
Quarry Sundown
Charlie In TheMorning
Charlie's Garden
Little And Large
Charlie's Pond
Gardeners World
Iron Bridge
Cragside House
Forest Floor
Best Before End Nov 2016
Fallen Fir
Blackburn Falls
Autumn Flow
Nelly's Moss North Lake
Upon Reflection
Holding On To Their Leaves
Irthing Pool
Crammel Linn South Falls
Crammel Linn
Crammel Linn North Falls
Tumbling Down
The Secret Of Crammel Linn
Just A Trickle
Natural Staircase
Pre Dawn
Dawn Beckons
As Dawn Shows Its Face
Dawn Heralds A New Day
Death Rock Pool
First Blush
Bursting Forth With Molten Gold
Cannonball Fire
Lilburn Tower
Embleton Bay
Autumnal Seaweed
Rock Bottom
Surge And Swirl
Washed Up
High Tide
Basalt Base
Dashed Upon The Rocks
Afternoon Delight
Storming The Fortress
Left Behind
Ocean View
Dunstanburgh Draw
Dunstanburgh In The Fall
Rumble Churn
Night Fall
The Popping Stone
Irthing Gorge
A Communal Latrine
The Great Wall
Sycamore Sunset
The Tree And The Wall
Sycamore Gap
The Gap
Out For A Walk
Wild Tide
Howick Glow
Fractured Foundation
The Bathing House
The Ouse
A Bench Made For Two
Under A Black Cloud
A Stake In The Ground
Lindisfarne Castle
Jigsaw Rocks
Roughting Linn
Broomridgedean Burn
Mossy Green Theatre
Northumbrian Jungle
Perpetual State Of Motion
Slippery When Wet
Back On The Rocks
Cloud Cover
Cloud Flow
Simply St Mary
After Hours
Still Water
The Dark Tower
Rock Warden
An Anchor To Hold Me Down
Still Standing
Lit Up
Rose Gold
The Refuge
The Steps To The Causeway
Falling Tide
Rock Steady
Our Lady Of The North
Through The Looking Glass
My Heart Belongs To You
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
Siren Song
Fire Light
Last Light
Barnacled Boulder
Another Side Of St Mary
Rocks Aplenty
Colours Of The Sea
Anchors Away
Rock Pool
Fisherman's Friend
There She Stands
St Mary's Moat
Setting Sunlight
Twilight Fell
Vision In Violet
Bait Island
Rise And Shine
Old Hartley Bay
Down By The River
Warkworth Castle