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Every day Flickr uses an "interestingness" algorithm to automatically select 500 "interesting" images from the millions that are uploaded, and they are featured for 24 hours on that day's Explore page. There are lots of elements that make something "interesting" (or not) on Flickr. Where the clickthroughs are coming from; who comments on it and when; who marks it as a favorite; its tags and many more things which are constantly changing. Interestingness changes over time. You can see the images I've posted on Flickr that have been included in the daily Explore pages below.

Running Through Daisies
Free Flow
Cool Water
A Heavy Trunk
Shallow Plunge Pool
Where The Rocks Grow Green
Lumbering Along
Bath Time
Singing For Her Supper
Pebble Beach
The Towers Of Shanghai
Monch and The Sphinx
The View From The Top
Popping Up For Air
Heart Of Stone
At Day's End
Learning The Ropes
The Floating Mountain
Sandstone Brush Strokes
Valley Of Pillars
Peace At Dawn
The Lure Of The Bright Lights
The Wall Of Water
Peaks and Troughs
Monte Pelmo Behind Rifugio Nuvolau
Lead Me Home To The Mountains
Dawn Haze
Sunset On St Paul's Cathedral
Daylight Bleeding Toward Dusk
Wade In The Water
Dunstanburgh Moon Rising
Sunset In The Valley
The Lion's Mane
All The Way Up
Trevi Fountain
Behind The Colosseum
Flying Towards The Light
Black Cuillin Ridge
My Faithful Friend
Lords Of Lorn
Making A Splash
Tynemouth Harbour
Dream Catch Me When I Fall
Blyth Butterfly
Trouble Brewing
Siren Song
Rumble Churn
Yellowstone Moose
Oxbow Bend
Navajo Trail
Navajo Nation
Home On The Range
Meteor Crater
Lose Yourself
Red Sky At Night
Let There Be Light
Cute As A Button
Sun Up
Monarch Of The Glen
Great Spotted Woodpecker
The Land That Time Forgot
Bottom Of The Bay
Robin Hood's Bay
Hood Of The Bay
Night Tyne
Roots In Autumn