David Pratt Photography

Northumberland Collection - 2020

The Garden In The Sea
Storm Clouds Rolling In
Into Darkness
Charlie and The Redshanks
The Washing Machine
Afternoon Delight
Ahead Of The Storm
Soggy Green Moss
Slip Slidin' Away
Corby's Grotto
The Big Boulder
The Letch
Lying In The Letch
Corby's Letch
Double Drop
Debdon Burn
The House Beyond The Iron Bridge
Crammel Linn Waterfall
The River Irthing
The Irthing Gorge
In The Irthing
Once Upon A Waterfall
An Irresistible Force
Cresswell Beach Defences
Cresswell Hall Stable Block and Tower
Decades Of Decay
The Old Colonnade
Entablature Intact
All At Sea
Wind and Waves
Never Dry
Where The Moss Slowly Grows
Twisted Twig
Green Oasis
Falling Water
A Log Under The Falls
Watching The Water Fall
Watching The Waves
Never The Same Wave Twice
Standing Against The Tide
The Ceaseless Tide
Reaching Up From The Deep
Embers Of Twilight
Light In The Wild
Poseidon's Breath
The Tempest Around My Feet
St Mary From Holywell Pond