David Pratt Photography

Northumberland Collection

Church Hill
Alnmouth Bay
Stuck In The Mud
Twilight On The Aln Estuary
Alnwick Castle
Lion Bridge
The Beating Heart Of Bamburgh
Drawn By The Tide
The Pride Of Northumberland
The Call Of The Sea
Big Sky At Bamburgh
Knee Deep
Rising Damp
Tank Busters
Stag Rock Lighthouse and the Stars
Bamburgh By Night
Harkess Rocks
Blackrocks Point
Pulled By The Tide
Battling The Elements
When The Mist Rolled In
The King's Domain
King Of The Beach
Seaweed And Swell
Northern Gold
The Inlet
Bamburgh And The Farnes
Inner Farne
Dusky Pink
My Home Is My Castle
Watching The Light Fade
Sunny Side Up
Evening Glow
Winter Sun
Sea Swirl
Silent Sunset
Dark Battlements
Burn Bamburgh Burn
Band Of Blue
Sea Of Grass
Castle In The Sand
Rain Clouds Forming
Blyth Butterfly
Peaceful Pipeline
Into The Blue
Waste Pipe
Blyth Sunset
Blyth Beacon
Fishing For Mackerel
Walking Through The Woodland
Ferns and Bluebells
Ivy Taking Hold
Wild Woodland
The Garlic Path
Wild Garlic
Cool Blue
Spring Green
Wild Silence
Almost Translucent
Bothal Woods
Quarry Sundowner
Cawfields Quarry
Quarry Sundown
The Garden In The Sea
Storm Clouds Rolling In
Into Darkness
Charlie and The Redshanks
The Washing Machine
Afternoon Delight
Ahead Of The Storm
Charlie In TheMorning
Charlie's Garden
Little And Large
Charlie's Pond
Gardeners World
Chillingham Park
Wild Ones
Cautious Eater
Sandybank Plantation
Do You Think He Saw Me?
Exit Stage Right
Roseate Tern and Chick
Warkworth Castle From Coquet Island
Soggy Green Moss
Slip Slidin' Away
Corby's Grotto
The Big Boulder
The Letch
Lying In The Letch
Corby's Letch
Double Drop
Debdon Burn
The House Beyond The Iron Bridge
Snake's Head Fritillary
Iron Bridge
Cragside House
Forest Floor
Best Before End Nov 2016
Fallen Fir
Blackburn Falls
Autumn Flow
Nelly's Moss North Lake
Upon Reflection
Holding On To Their Leaves
Crammel Linn Waterfall
The River Irthing
The Irthing Gorge
In The Irthing
Once Upon A Waterfall
An Irresistible Force
Irthing Pool
Crammel Linn South Falls
Crammel Linn
Crammel Linn North Falls
Tumbling Down
The Secret Of Crammel Linn
Just A Trickle
Natural Staircase
Cresswell Beach Defences
Cresswell Hall Stable Block and Tower
Decades Of Decay
The Old Colonnade
Entablature Intact
Gatehouse Goal Posts
Sunset Over Embleton Burn
Dunstanburgh In The Distance
Washed Ashore
Dusk Unfurling
Dunstanburgh Moon Rising
The Perseids and The Stars
Perseid Meteor Shower [2018]
Perseids Shower Over The Gatehouse
All At Sea
Wind and Waves
Boots Full Of Water
Washed Out To Sea
Bright Green Seaweed
Wave Watching
Fighting Against The Tide
Salt Water Wash
Incoming Tide
Ceaseless Tide
Dunstanburgh Gorse
Dunstanburgh Gold
Artist At Work
Pre Dawn
Dawn Beckons
As Dawn Shows Its Face
Dawn Heralds A New Day
Death Rock Pool
First Blush
Bursting Forth With Molten Gold
Cannonball Fire
When A Cold Wind Blows
A View From The Heughs
Craster Harbour
Through The Rectangular Window
Dunstanburgh Dusk
The Grim North
King Of The Castle
Lilburn Tower
Embleton Bay
Autumnal Seaweed
Rock Bottom
Surge And Swirl
Washed Up
High Tide
Basalt Base
Dashed Upon The Rocks
Afternoon Delight
Storming The Fortress
Left Behind
Ocean View
Dunstanburgh Draw
Dunstanburgh In The Fall
Rumble Churn
Night Fall
The Spiral Staircase
Down The Plughole
Fontburn 'S'
Fontburn Reservoir
The Popping Stone
Irthing Gorge
A Communal Latrine
The Great Wall
Sycamore Sunset
The Tree And The Wall
Sycamore Gap
The Gap
Haltwhistle Moon
Over The Edge
Lower Falls
Golden Falls
Hareshaw Burn
Bellingham Woods
Bridge Over The Burn
Hareshaw Linn
Going With The Flow
Cradle Of Life
Hart Burn
Hartburn Waterfall
Hidden Treasure
The Bathing Grotto
Werner On The Water
The Leap For Life
So Close and Yet So Very Far
A Long Way To Jump
A Fish Out Of Water
Hindhope Burn
Creeping Moss
Down In The Dell
Like An Arrow
The Enchanted Grotto
Hindhope Linn
A Tale of Two Waterfalls
Balance Beam
The Crooked Tree
The Climb
Capturing The Moment
Memories Of Winters Past
Deep Dark Ravine
Snow Falls
Sprinkled With Snow
Hindhope In Winter
An Enchanting Dell
Full Flow
Froth and Foam
Iced Log
Caught Changing Filters
Behind The Camera
Greens and Browns
Autumn Is On The Way
Hindhope Fall
Such Sweet Silence
Can We Linger A Little Longer
Where The Rocks Grow Green
Flowing Through Kielder Forest
The Most Slippery Slope
Covered In Moss
Glowing Like A Beacon
Lush Greenery
The Secret Garden
Lying In Wait
Flower Falls
Paradise In Green
Beauty At Your Feet
In Amongst The Undergrowth
A Feast Of Green
Waiting For The Log To Fall
Hindhope Linn Walking Trail
Out For A Walk
Wild Tide
Howick Dusk
Holiday Home
Bathing House Bay
Run Silent Run Deep
Howick Glow
Fractured Foundation
The Bathing House
100 Billion Stars Over Lindisfarne Castle
Wishing On A Star
Take Refuge Under The Stars
The Ouse
A Bench Made For Two
Under A Black Cloud
A Stake In The Ground
Lindisfarne Castle
Down The Spout
Linhope Spout
Plunge Pool
Longhoughton Steel
Longhoughton To Dunstanburgh
Sugar Sands
Rock Bottom
The Road To Ruin
Jigsaw Rocks
In Blue
One Blue Bell
Spring Has Sprung
Bluebell Dream
Wild English Bluebells
The Bells
Red Campion
Starting To Curl
Beginning To Bloom
Delicate Blue
Green Shoots and Bluebells
Still Growing
Singled Out
The Promise Of Bluebells To Come
Enjoying The Bluebells
Delicate Beauty
Bluebells In Ferns
Shooting Bluebells
A Bunch Of Bluebells
Blue On Blue
Bluebell Buds In May
Stood To Attention
Bluebells In The Wood
Rolled Back Tips
Bluebell Carpet
Still Growing Up
Taller Than The Rest
Bluebells On A Green Stalk
Green Turning To Blue
Reaching Out
Springing Into Life
Pastel Infusion
Spring Fresh
Blue Beauty
Dazzling Blue
Forbidden Fruit
Dive In Head First
Up and Over
Among The Ferns
Hanging In The Balance
Pointing Up
The Only One Dancing
A Fleeting Glance
No Flame Burns Forever
Incy Wincy Spider
Floating Over Cotton Candy
Meadow Bluebells
All About The Bells
Spring Is Here
Blue Over Green
Tiptoe Through The Bluebells
In An English Country Garden
English Bluebells
Bluebell Woods (Pinhole)
Bluebell Drift
Come Walk With Me
Blue Trumpet
The Blue
The Wall Of Water
Catkins On A Branch
Holding On
In At The Deep End
Never Dry
Where The Moss Slowly Grows
Twisted Twig
Green Oasis
Falling Water
A Log Under The Falls
Watching The Water Fall
Pouring Over The Rocks
Fallen Logs and Waterfalls
Listening To The Music Of The Falls
Around The Rocks
Waterfall Basin
Reflection Falls
Raining And Pouring
Roughting Linn
Broomridgedean Burn
Mossy Green Theatre
Northumbrian Jungle
Perpetual State Of Motion
Slippery When Wet
Lush Green Leaves
Waterfall Hollow
Under The Waterfall
A Waterfall Moment
Delaval Hall
The Central Block
Spiral Stairwell
The Stairway
Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light
Spiralling Up
All The Way Up
Standing Tall
Opened In 1852
River South Tyne
Lambley Viaduct
The Call Of The Wild
Lights Out
Rising Tide
Home Fires Burning
Two Seconds In The Surf
The Rush
Holding Fast
The Ocean Is Always In Motion
Stormy Sunset
Wade In The Water
The Thing That Wrecks You
The Sound Of Silence
Here Comes The Night
My Reason For Being
Catching The Light
Beacon Of Light
Sanctuary From The Storm
Dark Waters
One Heartbeat In The Darkness
The Light Of Hope
Pink In The Middle
Going Quietly Into The Night
Drinking In The Sunset
What Lies Beneath
Daylight Bleeding Toward Dusk
Sitting Under The Sunset Sky
Fading Into Darkness
Shades Of Sunset
Blue Gold
Watching The Waves
Never The Same Wave Twice
Down By The Causeway
Classic Mary
Soft Rippled Reflection
You Know Where To Find Me
Standing Against The Tide
The Ceaseless Tide
Candy Island
Reaching Up From The Deep
One For The Road
When The Light Was Brighter
Embers Of Twilight
Light Over The Groynes
Dreaming My Dreams With You
Light In The Wild
Cut Off
Behind The Iron Railing
Poseidon's Breath
Touching The Void
Stretching Beyond The Horizon
The Tempest Around My Feet
Water Seeks Its Own Level
My Guiding Light
Dark As The Night
St Mary From Holywell Pond
My Idea Of Heaven
A Splash Of Colour
Daylight Departing
St Mary and the Setting Sun
The Tide Rises and The Tide Falls
Pastel Dusk
Oh, Mary
The Painted Mirror
As Night Falls
Dusky Hues
Thirty Seconds Of Silence
Mary's Milk
Shining Bright
Be Still and Breathe
Blushing Pink
The Deep
Evening Lighthouse
Working The Scene
An Easy Silence
Gone To Sea
Once More An Island
Brewing Up A Storm
Rivers Of Cloud
The End Of The Road
St Mary's Stars
Closing In
Riding The Tide
Sunset Surge
Fire In The Sky
Silent Guardian
Eroding Slowly
A Moment To Remember
Only By The Night
My Own Private Idaho
Softly Does It
The Sound Of Silence
Winter Warmer
Alone At Last
A Moment In Mauve
Band Of Blue
Wash Over Me
Tidal Surge
Rocks and Hard Places
Night Tide
Setting Seaweed
Side Lit Sunset
Sense Of Freedom
Turning Tide
Disappearing Under The Waves
Somewhere Only We Know
Heading Down To The Beach
Behind Bars
Back On The Rocks
Cloud Cover
Cloud Flow
Simply St Mary
After Hours
Still Water
The Dark Tower
Rock Warden
An Anchor To Hold Me Down
Still Standing
Lit Up
Rose Gold
The Refuge
The Steps To The Causeway
Falling Tide
Rock Steady
Our Lady Of The North
Through The Looking Glass
My Heart Belongs To You
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
Siren Song
Fire Light
Last Light
Barnacled Boulder
Another Side Of St Mary
Rocks Aplenty
Colours Of The Sea
Anchors Away
Rock Pool
Fisherman's Friend
There She Stands
St Mary's Moat
Setting Sunlight
Twilight Fell
Vision In Violet
Bait Island
Rise And Shine
Old Hartley Bay
Northern Grit
Grey Dawn Creeping
Wet and Wild
Stony Ground
The Golden Groynes
The Close Of Day
At Day's End
Soft Light For St Mary
Heavens Above
Orange Blossom
A Touch Of Pink
Tangerine Dream
In The Gloaming
Across The Sea To Blyth
Rocky Road
Let There Be Light
Heart Of Stone
Rugged Rock Pool
Sand, Sea and Sky
Smoke Stack
A Long Look East
St Mary's Stones
When Time Stands Still
My Own Private Paradise
Waiting For The Tide
Cracks In The Concrete
Goodnight St Mary
The Light Pool
The Twin Towers
St Mary's Groynes (Black & White)
St Mary's Groynes
Reflection Revealed In The Road
Reflections In A Rock Pool
As The Sun Goes Down
Orange In Blue
Lighting The Path
Never A Dull Dusk
Blyth Bay Sunset
Dawn Ripples
Blyth In The Distance
Watching The Rocks Emerge
A Hint Of Sunset
Taken By The Tide
Rock Pool Heaven
Green Around The Groynes
Sun and Seaweed
Light Behind The Lighthouse
Apocalypse Now
Before The Storm
Light Up The Dark
The Remains Of The Day
Dead Calm
Dusk Falls
Sunset Burn
Pastel Tones
Staring Into The Setting Sun
Burning Bright
Red Dusk
Little Lion
The Crocus Bed
Stone Owl
Daffodil Castle
Daffodil Hill
Castle On The Hill
Medieval Warkworth
Down By The River
Warkworth Castle